While musicians like Justin Bieber have successfully turned YouTube videos into multi-million dollar careers, others have been frustrated with some of YouTube’s demands on creators. Last summer, for instance, YouTube issued an ultimatum that the company would block any videos from independent artists who didn’t sign on to new payment terms. This may change, however, with the company’s new YouTube for Artists initiative.

YouTube for Artists means to provide resources to help up-and-coming artists break through and manage their careers. According to a press release from Marly Ellis, Global Head of Artist Marketing for YouTube, the service will give tips on how to get discovered, as well as lessons on how to sell merchandise, engage fans, and how to make money from YouTube videos. As the definition of charting continues to evolve, YouTube for Artists will also teach artists how to turn YouTube views into charting on Billboard and airtime on SiriusXM. This isn’t the end, either; the press release also mentions that YouTube is still developing a data tool that could help artists see where their biggest fans are located, in order to help plan tours.

In addition, YouTube will be giving out YouTube Music Awards to artists who take advantage of these tools. The 2015 version streams March 23 at 10 a.m. PT on a specific YouTube Music Awards channel. Performers and honorees include artists like Ed Sheeran, Charli XCX, and Migos, who found huge audiences through the service.