It didn’t take long for Tinashe to release a follow-up to her fiery major-label debut, Aquarius. The 22-year-old dropped Amethyst on Monday, a seven-song mixtape with production from Ryan Hemsworth and Iamsu!, the Bay Area rapper who also drops a guest verse. While your Christmas week was probably spent indulging in ham or toying with a new iPhone, Tinashe recorded the tape, according to a press release—as if you needed to feel worse about slacking off during the holiday season.

Amethyst is mellower and more ethereal than Aquarius; likely none of its songs will inspire the “2 On” performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Not that it matters. Tinashe’s sound is appealingly bare, and more songs take the shape of the somber “Aquarius” than the amped-up “All Hands on Deck.” On “Wrong,” she pines “I’m still in love with you” with a heartbroken drawl before asserting, “You’re f—ing wrong” over the aching, slowly building Hemsworth-produced beat. “Dreams Are Real” launches the experience, a wispy, reserved Tinashe allowing the softness to result in the delcaration that “The future is mine.”