Brooklyn-based electropop four-piece HAERTS’ debut, self-titled album released last October, and they’ve recently moved on to their latest single, “Heart,” after almost two years pushing the St. Lucia-produced, synth-pop dream that catapulted their career, “Wings” and the album’s lead single “Giving Up.” So with a single named “Heart” off an album named Haerts from a band of the same name—we shouldn’t have been surprised by the direction their playlists went.

Below are two playlists, curated by lead singer Nini Fabi: First, a collection of Songs with “Heart” in the Title, and second, a playlist about Love and Heartache. Both with a little background as to why.

Songs with “Heart” in the Title.

“For this one I picked songs that have the word Heart in the title. The list is endless but when I started searching I realized that some of my all time favorites are among them. Songs like Neil Young, ‘Heart of Gold,’ Feist’s ‘Secret Heart,’ Stevie Nicks’ ‘Wild Heart’ have all been huge inspirations over the years and maybe in some way influenced our song ‘Heart.'”

A Playlist for Love and Heartache (inspired by prior single, “Wings”).

“For this one, it was all about love and heartache. What they all have in common is a deep melancholy but also some sense of freedom and hope in that way. A lot of these songs I haven’t listened to in a long time and it’s interesting how their meaning has changed for me over the years. Some of them have the element of flying and the sky so they also fit ‘Wings’ in that way.”