Following up their work together on the Bleachers cut “Take Me Away,” Bleachers front man (and occasional fun. guy) Jack Antonoff and underground electropop phenomenon Grimes have teamed up for a new single “Entropy,” which they released Sunday.

Intended for the soundtrack to the fourth season of Girls, “Entropy” reverses the lineup of “Take Me Away” by putting Grimes front and center as vocalist, but the song overall seems to balance the two musicians’ trademark styles, with Grimes’ spacey tendencies grouded by Antonoff’s knack for traditionally hooky strutures. Considering that Grimes released a song last year that was originally written for Rihanna, and that Antonoff contributed to pop overlord Taylor Swift’s 1989, it seems like Grimes’s long-percolating jump from indie popularity to mainstream success is well under way.