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Lauren Bowles as Mellie’s sister on Scandal is perfect. Is there anything you can tell me about her arrival? — Katrina

As I mentioned in the casting story, Harmony is going to shed light on where Mellie came from. “For Harmony to come to the White House is Mellie’s personal Armageddon,” Bellamy Young tells me. “Mellie is paddling so hard to make people believe that she is who she is pretending to be right now, and all the water just falls away and she’s fully exposed for who she is, where she came from and what’s really inside of her. That’s the most terrifying thing to Mellie. It is not pretty.”

Hey! I was wondering if we would ever get some insight on how Iris feels about Barry? I just adore their relationship on The Flash! — Janneh

That question will be answered very soon—like in next week’s episode. When the Weather Wizard returns seeking vengeance on Joe, Barry and Iris will be caught in the crosshairs, causing them both to reevaluate some secrets they’ve been keeping.

Whatever happened to that Kono-centric episode of Hawaii Five-0? — Meredith

It’s coming towards the end of the season, and it’s going to reveal a lot about Kono’s past. Here’s what happens: When Kono goes on a symbolic solo catamaran trip around the Hawaiian islands—something her mother always wanted to do and wasn’t able—she hits a patch of wild weather and she must fight to stay alive. I can exclusively reveal that Mistresses‘ Catherine Haena Kim will play her mom, Nani Kalakaua, while Ken Narasaki will play her dad, Ke-ano Kalakaua. Miya Cech will also play a young Kono.

The Outlander hiatus has driven me insane. Please pony up some scoop. — Tina

Fans of the novel already know what’s coming in the aftermath of Jamie rescuing Claire from Black Jack. But even when Jamie faces temptation, the subsequent tension between the newlyweds won’t last too long, especially since not everyone will welcome them back home with open arms.

With May’s husband appearing on this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., does that mean we’ll finally find out what happened in Bahrain? — Jimmy

Not exactly, but you will get a big clue about it that surprisingly relates to Skye. In related news, the team will also discover a debilitating side effect of Skye’s powers that could jeopardize her future with the team.

Is it wrong to assume Norman killed Annika on Bates Motel? — Britney

Per executive producer Kerry Ehrin, it’s not wrong to assume it at all. “It’s what Norman is wondering,” she says. “It does not look good for him. It’s going to affect his relationship with his mom.” As Norma suspects her son had a hand in Annika’s disappearance, she’ll kick off her own investigation that may put the family in danger.

Any Once Upon a Time scoop this week??? — Sunny Mom

I know the RumBelle fans are probably freaking out over Belle hooking up with Will Scarlet, but executive procure Adam Horowitz will tell you why it’s actually a good thing: “Belle has to be strong,” he says. “If [RumBelle] are to have any chance to be together, she has to be a strong person. What [Rumple] has to do is probably pretty difficult. That activates him in a way and starts him on a new quest that he’s really energized about.” Adds EP Edward Kitsis: “He is going to do his Rumplest to get it all back. You’re going to see full Rumple.”

Are we ever going to find out Schmidt’s full name on New Girl? — Janet

We will come thisclose to finding out the truth when Schmidt’s mom Louise (Nora Dunn) shows up. It should come as no surprise that Schmidt has mommy issues, but what might shock you is that Nick has some issues with Schmidt’s mommy as well.

Is it too early for Under the Dome scoop? — Jo

It’s never too early. There may be more rough waters ahead for Julia and Barbie as I’ve learned that Twisted alum Kylie Bunbury has landed a guest-starring role—with the possibility to recur—as Eva Sinclair, a potential love interest for Barbie. “Eva Sinclair is a beautiful, young anthropologist who has mysteriously arrived in Chester’s Mill,” executive producer Neal Baer teases. “How she got there and what her relationship is with Barbie—and how she will come between him and Julia—will be revealed, providing stunning answers to why the Dome dropped over Chester’s Mill.”

Is Bash going to figure out that Catherine killed his mother on Reign? — Elena

It’s hard to imagine that the writers would let that one go. “I’m sure at some point, [Bash] must get a little curious about that,” Torrance Coombs says. “There’s a gold mine there, and I don’t know how he’ll react.” However, the question is when he’ll learn the truth. “Catherine is very good at hiding bodies, so it might take him a while to find out,” Coombs says.

Best news I’ve heard all week: 12 Monkeys being renewed for a second season is a huge sigh of relief—trust me, you’ll feel the same way once you see the cliffhanger-filled season finale.

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