By Miles Raymer
Updated March 13, 2015 at 04:48 PM EDT

Pictureplane is a tough act to pin down. While he’s been a fixture of the leading edge of club culture for the past few years, and he definitely works some of that scene’s aggressive Internet-age postmodernism into his musical and visual identity, he also has some strong pop sensibilities that make his work totally accessible to listeners outside the platform-sneakers set.

Recently the L.A.-based collective IHEARTCOMIX released his latest single, “Hyper Real,” and an accompanying video that makes good on their promise to weave the releases on their subsidiary label IHC 1NFINITY into what they describe as “their own Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Look out for connections to the video for pop singer Chela’s “Handful of Gold” that they released back in December, as well as cameos by seapunk icons Zombelle and Ultrademon and some David Cronenberg-style body horror.