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Heading into its fifth season, MTV’s Teen Wolf is hotter than ever. And when the cast joined executive producer Jeff Davis on the PaleyFest stage, they previewed a new season filled with familiar friendships, new mysteries, and sadly, less of the beloved Derek Hale.

During the panel, Davis announced that Tyler Hoechlin will no longer be a series regular on the show, before talking a bit more about what season 5 will offer. Here are the takeaways:

Lydia might not fall in love with the person you expect. After teasing that “one of the big cold openings is all about Lydia,” Davis added that, in terms of a love interest, “[Lydia] may not end up with the person you think she does at first.”

Stiles and Lydia aren’t done working together just yet. When asked about Stiles and Lydia partnering up and using their detective skills, Davis revealed that, because they make such good detectives together, there is a “fun episode where they have to go into Eichen house.” (Otherwise known as the current location of one Peter Hale.)

There will be a refocus on Scott and Stiles. When talking more generally about the season, Davis said it focuses on senior year, “the year of losing your friends after graduation.” And with that in mind, Davis added that “there is a big refocus on Stiles and Scott and their friendship.” After all, as Davis put it, “the real romance on the show is a bromance.”

Kira will pick up her sword very soon. After saying that there’s lots of new material for both Liam and Kira, Davis admitted that “Arden [Cho] is really good with a sword, so you won’t have to wait long for that.” Cho then added that Kira is “starting to really own who she is.” Let’s hope that means she’s embracing her new tail.

We’ll see Malia with her father. No, we’re not talking about Peter. But rather, Davis revealed that there’s a scene in the first episode of season 5 in which Malia interacts with Henry Tate, her (unknowingly) adoptive father, played by Todd Stashwick.

Daniel Sharman could come back … maybe? All Davis would say about a potential return for Daniel Sharman—whose character was recently killed off on The Originals—was that “we’re not sure.” Although, Davis did admit that he talked to Sharman recently. So maybe there’s hope? As for the other rumored return, Danny, Davis said “we’ll see.”

Stiles’ real name will remain a mystery (for now). Davis admitted that the writers’ room only knows the first letter of Stiles’ real name. He said he’s thought about revealing it in the series finale, but for now, it lives only in his head. The one hint he gave? “It’s a real name, but I have to look at it to remember how to spell it.”

Stiles is going to keep his shirt on. When asked if Stiles will take his shirt off this season, Davis said he left the shirtless thing up to Dylan O’Brien many years ago. But now, Davis fears that they’ve missed their moment, saying it might be impossible for Stiles to take his shirt off now. (So which one of you wants to tell him that nothing’s impossible?)

All in all, expect new mysteries, a lot of action, and a lot of horror when Teen Wolf season 5 premieres on MTV this June.

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