Credit: Jesse Wild/Getty Images

In the wake of the news on Thursday that beloved fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett has died of Alzheimer’s age 66, hordes of writers took to Twitter to pay their respects, celebrating the man whose Discworld books touched lives across the globe.

Neil Gaiman, fellow fantasy writer and longtime friend of Pratchett’s, was hit particularly hard. After sending out a string of heartbroken tweets, Gaiman drafted a small blog post about his friend in lieu of providing media comments: “Thirty years and a month ago, a beginning author met a young journalist in a Chinese Restaurant, and the two men became friends, and they wrote a book, and they managed to stay friends despite everything. Last night, the author died. There was nobody like him. I was fortunate to have written a book with him, when we were younger, which taught me so much.”

Below, Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and others mourn a great literary loss: