Credit: Netflix

Hey have you heard ot The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? You probably have. It’s a (pretty great) television show, but like, on the Internet. Did you know you can watch television shows on the Internet? It’s wild. You can binge everything now. Binge House of Cards. Binge Empire. Binge Scandal. Binge Trailer Park Boys (whatup, Canada). That’s where we live now, man. The Planet of the Binge. How do we know this? We’ve got data.

Nielsen has swooped in with one of its quarterly Total Audience Reports, and it has found that the amount of time we spend watching video on the Internet has jumped a whopping 38.5 percent over the past year, to about 10 hours and 29 minutes on average. Curiously, the number of people watching online video has slipped oh-so-slightly at the same time, to the still sizable tune of 146 million. (In what may be a result of their march towards larger screens, a lot of this watching happens on smartphones)

Despite all that, good old-fashioned broadcast television is doing just fine, with the average American household averaging just over 149 hours a month on traditional or time-shifted viewing. However, a surprisingly large number of Americans—24.5 percent—don’t even have broadband internet connections.

So maybe keep those spoilers to yourselves, bingers.