Credit: Milan Zrnic

Twin Shadow’s third album Eclipse drops March 17, and considering how his first two brought him a serious enough fan base to just about launch him out of indie phenom-ness into mainstream success, it’s saying a lot that this is his strongest effort yet. He’s still combining modern recording techniques with songs that borrow heavily from ’80s radio rock, but he’s become even more abashed about swinging for the cheap seats with arena-ready fist-pumping mega-hooks that could unite indie rockers and their older cousins who still have Def Leppard’s Hysteria in heavy rotation.

In his 2009 instant classic The Windup Girl sci-fi author Paolo Bacigalupi imagined a futuristic world wracked by climate change that still feels disturbingly realistic. Out May 26, The Water Knife, his first adult book since Windup after a string of YA novels, moves the action from flood-prone Thailand to a drought-inflicted American Southwest where water is a life-or-death commodity.