Sean Combs’s music is one of those “don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” situations. Sure, it was fun to clown him back in the day for his goofy dance moves and “Don’t worry if I write rhymes / I write checks” approach to rapping, not to mention his blatant courting of the pop charts. But in 2015 those have all become totally acceptable in the rap world, and once you start remembering not only his productions for Big and Mary but also Ma$e and J.Lo and The LOX and those couple of really good solo joints, you start to miss the guy’s presence. (Although his recent collaborations with techno producer Guy Gerber has scratched the itch a tiny bit, at least for the few people paying attention.)

Which might get you excited that Puff’s back in the studio, according to an Instagram post yesterday, where he announced that he’s taking 12 months off being a new media mogul, vodka spokesperson, and whatever else it is that he’s been doing for the past decade to concentrate solely on music. The photo shows an inexplicably shirtless Combs explaining something to Pusha T, with a caption announcing Push, The LOX, A$AP Ferg, Cassie, and The Weeknd as at least some of the artists he’s working with. He also mentions that he’ll be handling at least some of his production himself, so if he’s really trying to recapture that No Way Out magic, expect some real left-field, borderline-corny sample flips in the near future.