Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is, in and of itself, pretty great—EW‘s Darren Franich praised the game for its “narcotic intensity” and the fact that it lets you ride an while wielding a grenade launcher. But if for some crazy reason a mountainous theme park full of pachyderm-riding chaos wasn’t enough to convince you, Ubisoft has just released a new expansion all about cults and Yetis.

The new expansion is called Valley of the Yetis, and comes with a new open region of Kyrat to explore. Presumably, there are Yetis there. Hopefully there is more than one Yeti. To check out the valley and all of its Yetis, you’ll have to purchase the downloadable content for $14.99, or pony up for the $29.99 season pass, which includes Yetis and a whole slew of other stuff that isn’t as cool as Yetis are.

Why aren’t Yetis in more games? Yetis should be in more games. Yetis are so damn cool.

Far Cry 4
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