By Madison Vain
Updated March 10, 2015 at 04:21 PM EDT
Credit: Tamar Levine

Ilan Rubin, who records music as The New Regime, as well as playing drums with Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves, and Paramore, doesn’t like to spoil the lyrics. In fact, when asked what “Where I’ve Headed All Along,” the first track off his forthcoming project, Exhibit B, means, he flips the question back—”What do you think it means?”—before conceding: “It’s about feeling the pressure of time. You only have so much time to accomplish what you want, and there’s also the perspective of somebody else not being able to understand this incessant drive that I have for achieving what I want—some people have a hard time with how focused I am. It’s not for everyone.”

Exhibit B is a fuller exploration of something Rubin has been tinkering with for six years—electronic music (he has also been exposed to it enormously playing behind Trent Reznor), “Doing one thing, for me, would feel limiting. I’m always looking for new frontiers to be honest with you, that’s what keeps things exciting. I’m always into experimenting and not repeating myself.” And he doesn’t. “Where I’ve Headed All Along” is just a sampling of a densely layered and distinctly different sound for The New Regime.

It was also an intentional next step for the multi-instrumentalist, “Every time I write music, everything I do, is part of a timeline of evolution, so what I’ve written on Exhibit B was the next step after Exhibit A, and Exhibit A was the next step from Speak to the White Noise, my second album, and so on. I kind of write music based on doing something different to what I had done prior.”

Exhibit B drops March 31. “Where I’ve Headed All Along” is streaming below.