By Miles Raymer
March 10, 2015 at 02:11 PM EDT

When two pop stars break up, you’re sure to hear two invariably much different takes on the split. For instance: After one-time hip-hop and R&B dream couple Ciara and Future split, Future reacted with a nasty subtweet of a song that bluntly put the blame for the breakup on his ex-fiancee’s skills in the bedroom, followed by a series of tracks that doubled down on his new “conscienceless international player” persona. 

Ciara, on the other hand, takes a more emotional tack (and the higher road) with her bounce-back single “I Bet,” a sad slow jam that sonically follows the blueprint of the R&B breakup ballad, but is full of enough subtle digs at her ex to compete with any of rap’s sneak-diss anthems. Behind the tear-jerking performance the song’s basically about how she’s gonna move on to a better man and leave her ex wallowing in feels.

The song’s video dropped last night, and Ciara spends a lot of it en pointe performing choreography that combines ballet and video-style hip-hop dancing in a way that makes a lot more sense in action than it does in person. Congrats to Ciara for coming back strong, and having better taste than to do it with a track called “The Dick Trash.”