By Madison Vain
Updated March 09, 2015 at 04:32 PM EDT
Credit: Eric Liebowitz/HBO

“As you struggle to remember how to change the clock on your f—-ing microwave, you may have wondered: Why is this happening?” In the newest installment of his “How Is This Still a Thing?” segment, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver takes on daylight savings—Where did it come from? Why do we do it? And but seriously, why do we do this?

Popular belief says its for the farmers, but the ritual actually has nothing to do with farming: “Cows don’t care what time it is, because they’re cows and cows are idiots.” No, instead, the practice was instituted during the First World War as a fuel-saving mechanism by the Germans. So thank Kaiser Wilhem and stream the clip below to learn more about how little the one-hour shift helps the U.S. and the 69 other countries who do it.

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