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Consider this the homestretch, ladies and gentlemen. We have only three more episodes for season 5 of The Walking Dead. So what can we expect to see on the AMC zombie drama over these next few weeks? According to Norman Reedus, plenty. “A lot of things happen in the episodes coming up,” says the man who plays Daryl Dixon. “A lot of changes are made, and a lot of internal changes are made. It’s kind of like opening a Pandora’s box. It’s really kind of headed in that direction.” The most striking part of that answer may be that “internal changes are made.” Does that have something to do with Deanna’s leadership position? Or Rick’s? Or someone else entirely? Here are some other things to keep an eye on during the season 5 endgame:

• Daryl refused to take one of the guns that Carol smuggled out of Alexandria. “As hesitant as Daryl is, he still wants to give it a try,” says Reedus. “So let’s not plot against them yet.” But after a super-dramatic pause, Rick did take a gun. One can’t help but feel that decision will come into play. Will that move end up saving Rick & Co., or just creating more problems? Definitely something to monitor.

• Will Sam tell on Carol? Carol freaked the poor little kid out by threatening him that if he told anyone he had seen her stealing guns that he would be tied to a tree and that the zombies outside “will tear you apart and eat you all up, all while you’re still alive. All while you can still feel it. And then afterwards, no one will ever know what happened to you.” Yikes! But the big question remains: What will Sam do? If he does tell on Carol than everything could come crashing down. Either way, I hope Alexandria has a psychologist because that little dude is going to definitely need a shrink at some point to work through his issues after that little chat.

• This Aiden clown clearly has no idea what he is doing. We already saw him and Glenn get into it over his cavalier attitude towards the walkers and we know he lost other people already because of it. No way this situation is close to being resolved yet. Alexandria needs tension, and Aiden could be the epicenter of something that might blow up at any minute.

• Sasha is in bad shape. Unlike Daryl, who has made small but substantive attempts to assimilate over a plate of spaghetti, Sasha is still reeling from the duel losses of Bob and Tyreese and wants no part of this happy-happy-joy-joy community. She already blew up at Deanna’s dinner party. Could another more violent outburst be in the waiting?

• Is there a new love triangle? Rick randomly smooched Jessie at the dinner party…and she didn’t exactly object. But how will her creepy husband Pete feel about it should he find out? WARNING: BIG COMIC BOOK SPOILER COMING IN 3…2…1…Seriously, look away right now if you don’t want to know what happens in the comics and may be coming up on the show. Okay, so in the comic book, Pete is revealed to have a dark side and Rick suspects him of beating not only his wife, but his son as well. Let’s just say it leads to a weeeeee bit of a conflict. Regardless of whether the show follows this plotline or not, that kiss left no doubt that there is more drama to be had with this trio.

• Who carved that big W on the walker’s forehead that Daryl found? Could it be the people Deanna referenced that she had to kick out of the community? Is it self-proclaimed douchebag Aiden just getting his kicks? Or some other threat entirely, like the Scavengers from the comic book who end up demanding entry into Alexandria? Or perhaps the “Wolves” we first saw referenced back at the Shirewilt Estates where Noah lived? One would expect more clarity on this before the season ends.

• Oh, and one last thing: Where the hell is Morgan?!? We’ve gotten two quick scenes of him following the group. We know he has the map showing the gang was headed towards D.C. It would be pretty damn weird for him to not make another appearance after those previous teases. So where is that loon? And what will happen when he does finally show up?

Feel free to post your theories and guesses as to what will happen below. And for more ‘Walking Dead’ intel, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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