Credit: Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images

As Harrison Ford recovers from injuries sustained in an airplane crash Thursday afternoon, fans the world over were relieved to hear his wounds were not life-threatening.

But for movie fans, that sigh of relief led them to another, less pressing question: Does his accident cause any problems for his return as Han Solo in December’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

The short answer: no. Filming was completed last fall—a little later than expected, but finished nonetheless. The delay was due to Ford’s previous injury, a broken leg he sustained during filming when a piece of the Millennium Falcon set malfunctioned.

Any additional work the 72-year-old actor may need to do amid post-production would most likely involve re-recording dialogue that wasn’t perfectly captured during the shoot. (This often happens if there is weather or mechanical noises that might interfere with the dialogue track.)

Of course, he will be vital to the publicity campaign for the film—and after the full recovery his publicist says the doctors have promised, Ford will have yet another story to share with reporters and fans.

His emergency landing is being called an expert response to mechanical failure, avoiding both populated areas and managing to put the plane on the ground more or less in one piece. Still, his fans must be thinking: Time to change that hobby to collecting vintage automobiles, mister.