By Miles Raymer
Updated March 06, 2015 at 07:35 PM EST
Credit: Vision Fortune

The title of Vision Fortune’s latest album, Country Music, is ironic, considering how many miles away its electronic experimentation is from actual country music. The name is actually a nod to the fact that it was made during a two-month residency at a Tuscan villa, and the way it seesaws between brainy pop and aggressive electronics often suggests being stuck in a beautiful but confined space.

The album closer “Back Crawl II” veers into kraut-inspired math rock, and its night-vision video enhances its more unsettling aspects. According to the band, “Brothers Alexander and Austin Peru (like the country) have got really into dental hygiene and like to compare their teeth over FaceTime. They found this fit perfectly over their song ‘Back Crawl II’ and thought it would make a good music video.”