Credit: Arc Games

One week after the death of Leonard Nimoy, the developers of five-year-old MMORPG Star Trek Online have unveiled plans for an in-game tribute to Nimoy and Spock. According to a blog post by the game’s Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa, players will soon find several memorials to Nimoy and his most famous role.

“Leonard Nimoy was more than just a Star Trek icon—he was a cultural icon,” Ricossa writes. “His passing has been felt farther and wider than I think he could have possibly known, and I feel it’s that humility, despite all of his skills, talents, and fame, that made him someone we all care about.”

According to Ricossa, there will be two stone statues of Spock raising the Vulcan salute, each inscribed with two of his most memorable quotations—”Live Long and Prosper,” and “The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few.” Players will be able to find them in the central squares on both Vulcan and New Romulus, where players congregated in-game to pay tribute to Nimoy’s passing. Each sculpture will also be accompanied by a plaque honoring the real-life members of the Star Trek family that have also passed on, where Nimoy’s name will be joined with others like Gene Roddenberry, DeForest Kelly, Majel Barrett, and James Doohan.

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