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Any scoop on what’s going to happen with Rafael’s proposal on Jane the Virgin? — Sara

When the show returns, Jane will get to meet one of her favorite romance novelists, which forces her to think about some of her relationships, both past and present. We already know that Jane doesn’t make any decision lightly, but when it comes to Rafael’s proposal, the thing that finally helps her make up her mind might surprise you. Hint: There are Michael flashbacks involved.

Anything for Booth and Brennan? Bones being on its winter hiatus is a killer. — Emma

The show’s return coincides with what would’ve been Sweets’ birthday, which dredges up old wounds. But with Avalon (Cyndi Lauper) returning to assist with the case of a dead fortune teller, the psychic will find a way to bring Booth and Brennan some closure.

What will happen when Emma finds out about whatever secret Snow and Charming are hiding from her on Once Upon a Time? — Kyra

Snow and Charming will struggle with whether to tell their daughter the truth during Sunday’s episode. “[Emma’s] done a lot of growing over the three and a half seasons, so what happens when you find out that the person that was helping you grow might actually be as bad as the people you were trying to get away from?” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. The secret could actually push Emma closer to Regina. “Given what Emma is starting to go through and what Regina has gone through, there’s a new common ground between the two characters that will help build on that friendship,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says. “In addition to Henry, they now have something else they can share and deal with.”

Anything Rizzoli & Isles? — Brad

I can exclusively reveal that Adam Sinclair (24: Live Another Day, Mile High) will join the cast as a recurring guest star in the sixth season. Sinclair will play Kent Drake, an assistant medical examiner in Maura Isles’ office. While guarded about his personal life, Kent is dedicated to his job, impressing Isles with his knowledge and intelligence.

Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries? — LilSlim

Caroline shutting off her humanity switch is going to have massive repercussions for everyone. “Stefan makes a very, very tough decision that changes everything for him for quite a while,” teases Ian Somerhalder, who’s directing next week’s episode. When I pressed whether Stefan will also be shutting off his humanity switch, Somerhalder played coy. “Stefan goes through a pretty intense transformation,” he says.

What’s going to happen to Liz on The Blacklist? — Keyone

Even though The Samoan is keeping his mouth shut, that detective is going to find new evidence that puts Liz’s freedom—and the task force’s future—in jeopardy. To save her, Red will set his sights on tracking Tom down and he’ll find help from a surprising ally. Also, someone besides Liz’s former faux husband will come to her rescue once she’s on trial.

What’s coming up on The Walking Dead? — Elizabeth

Not everyone is adjusting to normalcy very well. That will be especially apparent when Deanna gathers everyone for a welcome party. Rick will use the night as an opportunity to put his ultimate plan in motion, while Daryl will find a new friend who may actually understand him.

I can’t believe how Simmons reacted on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. What’s next? — Randy

Can you blame her? Every time they’ve faced someone with powers, it hasn’t ended well. “As she sees it, the stakes are enormous and she can’t let this happen again,” Elizabeth Henstridge says. “She can’t go through this again. She’s taking a very scientific route, which she’s always kind of had in her, but she’s always had Fitz to level her out. That’s not happening now. Also, she’s not listening to Fitz. It’s hard. It’s her way of grieving. She’s traumatized.” Traumatized enough to kill Skye if it came to it? “In the mindset she’s in right now, yeah, I think so,” Henstridge adds ominously.

Is Ra’s al Ghul still planning to kill Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow? — Harold

If he doesn’t, it sounds like Laurel and Nyssa might. While discussing Malcolm’s future on the show, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg happened to mention that Laurel and Nyssa will bond during upcoming episodes. Seeing as they both have it out for Malcolm for his role in Sara’s death, I’d put money on them teaming up to get justice.

I’m in denial that Justified is ending. What can you tease for the final episodes? — Jamie

Raylan will extend an unexpected offer to Markham, the consequences of which could ultimately lead to Boyd and Ava finally escaping Harlan. Plus: The hobbled Art makes another appearance doing some work off the clock.

Best news I’ve heard all week: A ton of people agree with me that Wes totally killed Rebecca on How to Get Away with Murder, so it must be true.

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