Credit: Everett Collection

Harve Bennett, producer of four of Paramount’s ’80s Star Trek movies, died Wednesday, Feb. 25, in Oregon. He was 84.

Bennett began his career as a TV executive at CBS and ABC, producing shows like Salvage 1, The Jesse Owens Story, TheMod Squad, The Six Million Dollar Man (which Bennett said he voiced the credits to in a 2008 Archive of American Television interview) and The Bionic Woman. He also produced the television movie A Woman Called Golda, which was Ingrid Bergman’s last role and co-starred Leonard Nimoy.

Bennett then got a gig producing the second movie in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan—which featured the death of Spock (Nimoy). The film was a success and Bennett went on to produce Star Treks III, IV and V.

Bennett and Nimoy helped write the script for 1986’s Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, which became the first Star Trek film to pass the century mark at the domestic box office with $109.7 million gross.

Bennett’s death came only days before the Feb. 27 death of Nimoy, 83.

This post has been updated to clarify the date of Bennett’s death as Wednesday, Feb. 25.