By Jonathon Dornbush
Updated March 05, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Scott Garfield
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As Dom Toretto has already so eloquently put it, it ain’t just about being fast this time. In Furious 7, it’s also about making sure cars can jump out of airplanes.

Universal released a new clip from the upcoming seventh entry in the street racing/Tokyo drifting/car heisting franchise during the season premiere of USA’s Dig Thursday night.

In the clip, Dom and the crew launch their suped-up cars out of the back of a plane—which is obviously the most convenient way to approach a rescue mission.

Everyone seems game for mission, except for Roman, who’s already proved his love of planes, and remaining firmly inside of them.

The sequence is a lengthier look at the first sequence of Furious 7 ever seen in the film’s first trailer but puts the Fast and Furious‘ crews relationship front and center. The clip helps to reinforce that, as crazy as the new film’s setpieces may be, the film remains focused on what’s at the heart of the franchise: family. Family and cars defying the laws of common sense, that is.

For more from the film, check out the last trailer and listen to Prince Royce’s “My Angel” from the official soundtrack. Furious 7 will hit theaters on April 7.

Furious 7

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