By Miles Raymer
March 05, 2015 at 05:56 PM EST

Eminem’s gifts for rapping and provocation are well documented, but people tend to forget that he’s also an incredibly successful label exec with his Shady Records, which has accumulated an impressive number of RIAA plaques, shored up the audience for hardcore ’90s-style battle rappers, and launched the career of 50 Cent. Complex is helping to change that with a documentary focused on the label that’s premiering on its site today. 

Not Afraid – The Shady Records Story represents one of the first times that Eminem has spoken in depth about the label and its mission, which is based not only in a desire to assert control over his own career but in the deep ties with signees like D12 that run back to his very humble pre-fame roots.

You can check out the entire doc here