For 17 years, the Independent Games Festival has served as Sundance for video games, a place for idiosyncratic, unusual games about things you’d never see in big-budget marquee games—although those games are honored from the same stage under the banner of the Game Developer’s Choice Awards.

The IGF winners and nomineess are where boundaries are pushed and notions of what constitutes a game are challenged. Much like any awards ceremony, the IGF isn’t the end-all, be-all for indie games or bold new ideas, but it’s a pretty good place to dive in and check out what’s happening in the scene—and maybe be surprised by what’s possible in a video game.

Here’s the full list of winners, announced at last night’s ceremony:

Seumas Mcnally Grand Prize/Excellence in Design: Outer Wilds

Excellence in Visual Art:


Nuovo Award:

Tetrageddon Games

Excellence in Audio:


Excellence in Narrative:

80 Days

Best Student Game:

Close Your

Audience Award:

This War of Mine