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Fresh off her Best Supporting Actress win for Boyhood, Patricia Arquette is gearing up to star in CBS’ latest spinoff CSI: Cyber.

The Oscar winner talked with TIME about the new series, her Academy Award win, and how people might have missed the point of her acceptance speech.

Arquette’s used her speech to rally women together saying “it’s our time” to have wage equality and equal rights. But as the actress told TIME, she wasn’t referring to her own position.

“I won an Academy Award because I played a single mom,” Arquette said, “moving and moving again and trying to provide for her kids. I thought long and hard about how her life would have been better with wage equality, and if she made those extra cents on the dollar; and how if she was Latina, she’d need to make those 50 cents more, or how if she was African-American, she’d need to make those 40 cents more.”

To read more about her speech and how the actress feels about technology after working on CSI: Cyber, head on over to TIME.

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