Jimmy Kimmel stands as one of late night TV’s beacons of comedy every night. This week he also serves as an EW cover boy, as we get to know the real Jimmy Kimmel by talking to those who have raised him, who have worked with him, and who have spent quality time with him. (Spoiler: He’s a talented sketch artist and makes his own vinegar.) Before you grab a copy, go behind the scenes of EW’s cover shoot with Kimmel, who talked about one of the show’s most popular segments, Mean Tweets, in which celebrities recite (and react to) the heinous things that people say about them on Twitter.

“People ask me why I don’t read my own mean tweets… it seems weird to put myself in with the celebrities,” says Kimmel. “I don’t know, It seems somehow self-aggrandizing. I may just have to read a bunch of them before the bit or something to satisfy everyone. But trust me, if you write something horrible about me, there’s a real good chance that I see it.”

To find out what kind of nasty insults are often electronically hurled at Kimmel and hear more about the origins of the segment, click on the video below.