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UPDATED: MGM has since removed the video from YouTube.

ORIGINAL FILM: James Bond—the classic variety from the ’60s and ’70s, not the modern, darker kind—had a laundry list of flaws, but his most socially unacceptable tendencies were hallmarks of a less progressive time. So how does a womanizing, alcoholic spy, living far after his heyday, survive in today’s world?

Producer Adi Shankar, the man behind the Power/Rangers short film, looks at that question in the latest entry of his Bootleg Universe series. James Bond: In Service of Nothing opens on a classic-looking Bond adventure but soon gives way to an older Bond, working a desk job and reconciling who he was with what he’s become.

Directed by pre-visualization artist Tyler Gibb, In Service of Nothing mixes 2D storyboard and 3D CGI animation to tell its story. The bootleg uses Sean Connery’s likeness, evoking the Bond of classic films like Dr. No and From Russia with Love, but this take on the classic Bond may have a few more shades to him than fans are used to—even if most of the short is in black and white.

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