Dark Sky Paradise

Today is the day to feel #blessed. Big Sean released the music video for his single “Blessings,” featuring Drake and Kanye West. The former appears on the album version, while the latter is on a remixed version of the song.

The brooding, black-and-white five-minute video takes place during a stormy session up in the heavens in addition to an unknown, nondescript set. It wouldn’t be a true Sean production sans nearly every “straight up” utterance shown on camera.

Big Sean doubles as sinner and saint while in a confessional, later pondering in the backseat of an old Cadillac during thunderstorms.

This is a much better look for Drake; given the last significant video he appeared in with multiple rappers, he vowed to make stronger wardrobe decisions: There’s still no answer as to what happened during “F—in’ Problems.”

And then there’s Ye, standing above everyone else, rocking an oversized sweater (that probably costs $230) and a loose-fitting shirt you’d see at the gym, closing out the video… because of course he does.

Dark Sky Paradise
2015 album by Big Sean
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