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Jared Leto: Jordan Catalano, Oscar-winner, rock star, posessor of gorgeous hair. While the first three signifiers remain valid, the last, and arguably the most character-defining, may have to live on just in memory. On Monday, David Ayer, who is directing Leto as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad, tweeted the following melancholy photo.

The likes of MTV and /FILM note that while the cryptic photo only alludes to the death of Leto’s locks, Twitter is also going through some stuff. Leto himself seemed to be indicating that he would be making some changes with the following earlier tweets.

As MTV pointed out, we should have prepared ourselves. Leto’s hairstylist Chase Kusero told Fashionista earlier this year: “We haven’t really discussed it yet but I’m sure when he starts doing movies he’s going to have to cut it for characters. But as for right now, at the SAG Awards was the length that he and I envisioned it in the beginning when we started growing it two years ago.” At least it reached its full potential.

In other news, Shia LaBeouf got a rat tail. The man hair is dead, long live the man hair.

Update: Here’s the big reveal, glamour shot and all.

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