Credit: Avi Loud

When Four Color Zack and DJ Scene’s new single “Slap It Down” started coming together, the pair decided that the perfect finish to the track would be a guest spot by New York street-rap legends M.O.P., whose 2000 underground smash “Ante Up” remains one of the toughest rap songs ever recorded.

“They were exactly what the record needed,” Scene says.

“M.O.P is one of those golden-era rap groups that got heavy play from us back in the day,” Zack explains, “as they still do. Plus they have that real boom bap, in-your-face, distinct sound that would command a party.”

The four-track Slap It Down EP will drop March 10 on the Fool’s Gold label, and features cover art by 8-year-old wunderkind Yung Lenox. “Slap It Down was made with the club in mind, really,” Scene says. “Outside the clubs, I could see someone blasting this while doing 100 down the freeway after chugging a few Red Bulls.”