By Jennifer Maas
Updated March 02, 2015 at 08:57 PM EST

AOL will launch their first ever long-form digital series, Connected, on March 31.

The half-hour reality show, adapted from the Israeli docu-drama series of the same name, was filmed entirely by the six cast members themselves, who documented their own lives for six months on camcorders. The most prominent names include Jonathan Bricklin (aspiring writer and owner of SPIN in New York) and Susan Sarandon.

The New York-based cast also includes Nina Ferrer-Mannino (interior designer, architect photographer) and husband Stefano Mannino; ; Derek Gaines (stand-up comedian and host of MTV’s Broke A$$ Game Show); Eli and Ido Bendet-Taicher (married high tech executives); Lori Levine (CEO & founder of Flying Television celebrity marketing) and fiancé Jan van Arsdale; and Rosie Noesi (radio & TV host) and boyfriend Joshua Baggett.

AOL will be releasing four new episodes every two weeks, with a total of 20 episodes airing, EW confirmed. All episodes will be available at