Credit: Macall Polay

In The Cobbler, Adam Sandler plays a New York shoe repairer named Max who discovers he can step into the lives of the his customers. Directed by Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent), the movie is released to cinemas, VOD, and iTunes on March 13, and costars Cliff “Method Man” Smith, Ellen Barkin, Steve Buscemi, and Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey and last year’s terrific action movie The Guest.

“I think Tom McCarthy is a very talented filmmaker and I was intrigued by the script,” says Stevens. It was so odd and funny—it was one that I immeditately read again, which is always a good sign. It was like, Oh, so I’m essentially required to play Adam Sandler in my shoes? LIke, what if Adam Sandler were in my body, how would he behave? It’s not doing an impression of him, it’s kind of a distilled essence of Sandler that we all had to imbibe, somehow. There are a few of us in the cast who get to do this, one of whom is Method Man. So, I was able to share that moment with him and say, ‘So, how is it playing Adam?'”

Watch an exclusive clip from The Cobbler below.