February 27, 2015 at 10:56 PM EST

Leonard Nimoy was Spock. Leonard Nimoy was not Spock. Both of those sentences are true—or false.

It’s not uncommon for an actor to become closely linked with a single character. It is uncommon for an actor to explore that relationship in thoughtful, philosophical detail. Nimoy, who died Friday at the age of 83, wrote two different autobiographies on the subject—the first titled I Am Not Spock, the second titled I Am Spock.

Fan myth took hold after the first memoir that Nimoy wanted out of the Trek franchise, something the actor would always deny. It’s clear that the half-Vulcan Science Officer was dear to the actor—and as Spock rose from character to icon to one of the true archetypal deities of pop culture, so did the character come to reflect something ineffable about the actor: His intelligence, his grace, his wry humor. Here, we remember Nimoy’s most indelible moments as the ever-logical Vulcan.

The Eyebrow Raise

Infinite Occasions

Deadpan perfection.

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