By Jeff Labrecque
February 27, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST

Now that we’ve officially made it through the entertainment dry spell that kicks off every new year, EW is looking forward to what 2015 really has to offer. And in order to start your year off right, we’re rounding up our staff picks for what we’re most looking forward to this spring.

It’s been a cold winter for a lot of people, and I’m not just referring to the weather. There was a moment during the second hour of Jupiter Ascending where my brain involuntarily started organizing my weekend to-do list, stubbornly spitting out tedious tasks like Will Ferrell in Old School. But hope springs eternal, and with the mercury ascendingsee what I did there?—there are some reasons to be excited and important dates to put on your pop-culture calendar. 

Fish in the Dark, opening March 5: There’s very little that Larry David could do that I would not recommend. If he created a video game titled Bald and Miserable, I would play it. If he directed commercials for fracking, I’d drill into my backyward. Fortunately, all he did was write a play that he’s also starring in. It goes without saying that he’s playing a version of himself, so good luck getting tickets—in preview, it’s already breaking house records at the Cort Theater.