By Jennifer Maas
Updated February 27, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images
  • Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing a man with multiple personality disorder in The Crowded Room. DiCaprio has been circling the role of Billy Milligan, the first man to use multiple personality disorder as a defense in a court of law, for almost 20 years. Milligan, who reportedly had 24 personalities, was put on trial in the ’70s after being accused of raping three women and committing robbery. He was acquitted after his lawyers claimed the alternate personalities committed the crimes without his knowledge. DiCaprio will produce the film as well, which is being adapted from a nonfiction book. [The Wrap]
  • James Franco is in early talks to star in the comedy Why Him? The story centers around a Midwestern father who takes his family to visit his daughter, who is attending Stanford, at Christmas. He ends up getting into competition with his daughter’s boyfriend, a young internet billionaire. [Variety]
  • Elisabeth Rohm (American Hustle) has joined the David O. Russell-directed film Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Edgar Ramirez, and Robert De Niro. The film is about a single mother who invented the Miracle Mop. [Variety]
  • Josh Duhamel and Ernie Hudson will be re-teaming for the drama The Wrong Stuff. The film is based on the bestselling memoir by Bill “Spaceman” Lee and Richard Lally, which chronicles the downward spiral of a pro-baseball pitcher, Lee (Duhamel), who is volatile and can’t see himself as anything other than a baseball player. Hudson will play Joe, the only black player on the all-white, French Canadian Longueuil Senators amateur baseball team. Joe is an experienced player and a stabilizing force on the team. Shooting is expected to begin in Los Angeles next week. [Deadline]
  • Kristen Stewart has joined Michelle Williams and Laura Dern in the indie drama currently known as the Untitled Kelly Reichardt Project. The film will be composed of a series of vignettes that revolve around the lives of people in small-town Montana. Stewart plays a young lawyer from Boise who takes a teaching job and is determined to prove herself. Soon after taking the job she develops a close friendship with a local woman who is auditing her class. The film will shoot on location in Montana. [Deadline]
  • Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) has joined the romantic drama The Correspondence. Kurylenko will star opposite Jeremy Irons in this film about a love affair between a professor and a younger woman who are working in the same field. Production is set to begin this spring in the U.K. and Italy. [Deadline]