By Taylor Weatherby
Updated February 27, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
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Clueless star and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash announced Friday that she has signed a book deal with Regnery Publishing. Dash “came out” as a conservative via Twitter in 2012, which received criticism and backlash, but ultimately sparked the idea for her new book. Titled There Goes My Social Life, the book will share of her rough South Bronx upbringing and “tumultuous” career in Hollywood to exemplify her opinions on the importance of education, family and personal responsibility. The book is set to be released this summer. (GalleyCat)

If seven books and eight films isn’t enough Harry Potter for you, Philip Errington is your new best friend. According to the Guardian, the author and director for children’s books for Sotheby’s has spent five years gathering the inside scoop on Rowling’s series. The result? 544-page JK Rowling: A Bibliography 1997-2013. The project will include bibliographic details of each edition of all Rowling’s books to date, revealing things like why the author was “sick” of Prisoner of Azkaban and how the manuscript of The Order of the Phoenix was handed over in a London pub (spoiler: it was in a plastic bag). The U.S. edition will be published on April 23. (The Guardian)

Simon & Schuster won the auction for former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson’s new book on Wednesday. The specific winning price was not revealed, but it is believed to be around $1 million. This exceeded expectations, as Abramson’s book was projected to sell for six figures. (NY Post)

Digital reading and writing community site Wattpad launched a new free app devoted to its older and a bit more erotic crowd. Inspired by the success of Fifty Shades of Grey, the After Dark app includes a collection of R-rated romance stories that have been published on Wattpad. The stories are organized into different categories, such as Urban, LGBTQ, and Fanfiction. (GalleyCat)

A Kickstarter campaign for a story told through a deck of cards has exceeded its fundraising goal by more than 8 times its original target. Mastermind Jedediah Berry created The Family Arcana: A Story in Cards, the story of a family living in an old farmhouse, bound to it by “a web of passions and strange obsessions.” Each card contains a piece of the story, but can be read in any order and resulting in an abundance of ways to tell the story. The original goal for the campaign was $2,800, and with 19 days of funding to go, it has already reached $22, 923. (LA Times, Kickstarter)

The poster for this year’s Children’s Book Week has been revealed. The adorably colorful illustration is of a brother and sister sharing a book under a cardboard-box fort with Sofia the First peeking in. Grace Lee, storybook artist and illustrator of nine Sofia the First books, created the poster. See the poster here. Children’s Book Week is May 4-10. (USA Today)


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