Credit: Tony Corell

BOOTS, singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer of many things (perhaps most notably Beyoncé’s self-titled fifth studio album and Run the Jewels 2) released a 30-minute short film titled Motorcycle Jesus on his website Thursday. The film, which he directed, follows the artist on a dramatic and at times violent trip through post-apocalyptic Mojave Desert and features a soundtrack of five original songs—from BOOTS as well as contributions from El-P and Carla Azar—that will be released March 3 on Canvasback/Atlantic.

In a statement, BOOTS explains the film’s inspiration: “This film was created out of necessity… While I’m alive—while I’m here, I want to find a way to leave my own drawings on the insides of caves. Someone will find them.” The film is streaming below.

A full album is expected from BOOTS later this year.