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Today in nostaglia news: Netflix is bringing back everyone’s favorite bumbling cyborg.

The streaming serviced announced on Wednesday that an Inspector Gadget reboot, produced by DHX Media, will air exclusively in the United States on Netflix this March.

All 26 episodes of the CGI-animated production will hit the service, following Gadget as he works to defeat Dr. Claw and his reactivated crime network, M.A.D. Gadget will have some help, of course, joined once again by his niece, Penny, and her dog, Brain.

The original Gadget animated series ran for 86 episodes in the 1980s, and this new iteration will serve as a sequel to the first series. Gadget may also be more recognizable to younger audiences from the live-action film starring Matthew Broderick—though likely not as recognizable from the live-action sequel starring French Stewart.

Netflix also announced four other children’s shows that will hit the streaming service in the coming months. Super 4, about four kids exploring their planet and fighting villains, will debut in April; Some Assembly Required, which follows a group of toymaking kids, will come sometime this summer; while a new iteration of ’80s animated hit Danger Mouse and comedy series Bottlersnikes and Gumbles will air in spring of 2016.

Inspector Gadget
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