Julianne Moore and Sarah Gadon in Maps to the Stars
Credit: Caitlin Cronenberg

Bruce Wagner has built a writing career on telling us what we already know: L.A. is a toxic vipers’ nest of shallow narcissists and seekers of spiritual hokum. But why a director as smart as David Cronenberg would be drawn to such pseudo-profundity is anyone’s guess. In the excruciating Maps to the Stars, the duo try to skewer Tinseltown with an overlapping cast of desperate, name-dropping hedonists, including Julianne Moore as an insecure actress, John Cusack as a self-help charlatan, and Mia Wasikowska as a mysterious new arrival to planet Hollywood. The goal here is cynical satire. The result, sadly, is just a yawn. D

Maps to the Stars
  • Movie
  • 111 minutes