Barclay Ice & Coal
February 23, 2015 at 06:42 PM EST

Singer-songwriter Jendayi Bonds has been getting national press coverage since she was 12, when she took the skills she’d learned at a Girls Rock Camp to record a viral-worthy cover of The Magnetic Fields’ “Strange Powers,” with help from her little brother Gyasi. Along with her friend Zoe Czarnecki on bass, the Bonds siblings have formed a full-fledged band, Charlie Belle, that showcases Jendayi’s precocious talents. Their latest single is a mix of Motown soul-pop and gentle indie rock about the universal experience of crushing on someone you know is bad for you. 

By email, Jendayi says “‘Shake You Off’ is about someone who’s trying to attach themselves to you, and you’re trying to make it clear that although their schemes may have worked in the past, they definitely aren’t working now.”

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