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While accepting his Best Director award, Oscar winner Alejandro González Iñárritu said that he was actually wearing the tighty whities that Michael Keaton’s character sported in Birdman. But the director was much more cagey backstage.

“We should be in a more intimate context to show you, which I don’t think will happen,” Inarritu said after EW asked him point-blank whether he’d actually be joking about the underwear—which he said “smell like balls” onstage. That’s a line from the film, for the record.

Celebrating not one but three wins backstage—Iñárritu snagged Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay awards as well as the Best Director prize—the helmer said he still hasn’t figured out why he took such big risks with the film. “I think it’s when you lose fear,” he said. “Fear is the condom of life. It doesn’t allow you to enjoy things. As soon as you f—ing get the condom out, then you say ‘okay.’ So I pulled out. I did it without. It was real. It was making love for sure.”

Iñárritu may keep his underwear preference secret—but his lovemaking style is now much more public.

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