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Farewell, Awards Season! As we mourn the end of another season of triumphant accolades, we also celebrate the biggest night of Red Carpet Fashion. Join EW’s fashion expert Nina Terrero and EW’s fashion anti-expert Darren Franich for a look at the best-and-worst-and-everything-in-between of this year’s Oscar fashion.

Chrissy Teigen

He said: Everything Chrissy Teigen has been doing in the last year has been building up to this dress. The glamourous Old Hollywood hair. The royal earrings. The top part of the dress that says “It’s 2000 and I’m Peak Jennifer Lopez.” The bottom part of the dress that says “It’s 2012 and I’m doing Angelina Jolie’s Leg except I’m in on the joke.” The flowing train that says “It’s the dawn of time and all matter is antimatter and I just said ‘Let there be light.’” I used to think that Teigen was maybe Single White Female-ing Beyoncé, but now I see that she’s actually been All About Eve-ing the entirety of Hollywood. Don’t fight it. Give in. Teigen Rex. A+

She said: She’s said that Zuhair Murad has become her go-to designer for racy red carpet looks, but I have news for her: Joan Collins wore this exact gown in an episode of Dynasty and looked far, far better in it. To be fair, Teigen’s hair game is on point. B-


Gina Rodriguez

She said: As a TV star, there was the tiniest possibility that the Jane The Virgin lead may have looked out of place during the movie industry’s biggest evening. But Rodriguez looked beautiful in blue and if anything, veered towards the ahem, slightly more mature side of the fashion spectrum in her 50s inspired high-necked gown with a matching scarf. Though I’m not really a fan of the dress itself, I adore the fact that Rodriguez opted for a dress made from 100% sustainable silk–this is one actress who’s unafraid of making a statement. B

He said: Looks cool, but only to the extent that sometimes grandma looks cool. B-


Margot Robbie

He said: It’s a look that says, “I am may be the all-powerful demon goddess of the void, but I’m like two seconds away from ripping off the bottom of this dress and hitting the beach.” Solid aesthetic but that necklace is more like a NO-cklace. B+

She said: I own that exact bathrobe! No, really. Jokes aside, Robbie’s one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars–why not dress in something that sets a new standard? B


Faith Hill

She said: The country crooner looked divine in head-to-toe gold J. Mendel–and though Twitter tweeps had plenty to say about the her cropped locks, that sleek hairstyle (which nearly matched hubby Tim McGraw’s!) made her appear far more fresh than a trip to a Beverly Hills dermatologist’s office ever could. A+

He said: Faith Hill tells her barber to give her the Shailene: Cool. But then Faith Hill tells her designer to give her a dress that looks like wallpaper in an episode of Lassie? Not cool. C


Felicity Jones

He said: If you took the cover of a paperback copy of 50 Shades of Grey and turned it into the Pacific Ocean, it would sort of look like this dress. C-

She said: This silver, shimmery custom Alexander McQueen totally suits the British starlet–even if it looks like it belongs in museum exhibit dedicated to Elizabeth Regina. B


Patricia Arquette

She said: The Boyhood actress stroke a balance between sexy and sophisticated in this form-fitting black-and-white number she co-designed with her childhood BFF Rosetta Getty. But inquiring minds want to know: Did Arquette know that this was a near-copy of the gown Meryl Streep wore to last year’s Oscars? Maybe all her creativity was exhausted during the filming of her Oscar-nominated film. B-

He said: I really dig Arquette’s all-business vibe, but this feels like it could’ve used some kind of accent color. That’s a phrase, right? “Accent color”? C+


Tegan & Sara

He said: They’re sisters. They’re Canadian. If you were a teenager in the mid-00s, they were on every mix CD you made for your boyfriend/girlfriend/best-friend-from-childhood-you’re-in-love-with-even-though-she’s-dating-somebody-else. Now they’re Oscar nominees, and they opted for some no-frills goth-formal attire. Snazzy but maybe a bit too restrained. B

She said: Everyone on my Twitter feed was raving about this new lesbian power couple that made a surprise appearance at the Oscars. Thanks Darren, for setting the record straight. Now, onto the fashion: I love these looks–they eschew the usual old-school Hollywood glam that’s so common on the red carpet–but did they raid Rooney Mara’s closet in doing so? B


Kevin Hart

She said: I want to take him seriously–I do, particularly when it comes to his threat that he’s going to “kill” Justin Bieber in his upcoming Comedy Central roast–but I can’t when he’s dressed like a singing Vegas waiter, white wrinkled tux jacket and all. I know you have jokes, Hart–just dress so you won’t be the butt of them. C

He said: Disagree in every way, Nina! It’s hard out there for a man who wants to do something a little different on a red carpet. Society tells us: “Just wear a tux. Don’t do anything experimental. CONFORM.” Full respect to Kevin for doing Atlantic City Tom Wolfe. A bright white bowtie would’ve tied this all together. B+


Sienna Miller

He said: The bottom part of her dress looks like the inside of a Catholic confessional. Other than that, pretty blah. I expect more from Sienna Miller, for some reason. C

She said: You’re right, there’s something decidedly religious about this look, but its not the dress: it’s the American Sniper star’s apparent devotion to bronzer. Seriously? I’m swooning over this fresh-from-the-runway Oscar de la Renta but it seems too staid for Sienna …maybe she wants us to notice her talent, you know, not her gown. A


Dakota Johnson

She said: No Shades of Grey here: Johnson went for racy red Saint Laurent and in the process, looked hotter than she ever did during a single scene of her smash hit film. A

He said: I feel like Johnson’s whole sub-narrative during this Red Carpet season is: “I swear, I can actually look glamourous! Don’t judge me by 50 Shades!” It’s kind of like what Jennifer Lawrence was doing during her Winter’s Bone season. Solid choice on the red, but that weird silvery snake-knot on her shoulder looks like something they warn you about in Boy Scouts. B+


Lupita Nyong’o

He said: According to some fashion expert whose name I didn’t catch, there are six thousand somethings in this dress. I don’t know what those somethings are, but there sure are a lot of them! I dunno, this feels like Lupita gave a team of scientists a billion dollars to make a dress that no one could possibly look good in, and the scientists failed. A-

She said: This custom Calvin Klein creation is pearly perfection–honestly, a look this bold would overwhelm just about anybody else, but Lupita seriously slays. LOVE LOVE LOVE. A+


David Oyelowo

She said: Sharp, sexy, and super-cool in burgundy Dolce & Gabanna, the Selma star showed us that he’s a winner, no matter what the Academy says. A+

He said: The problem with David Oyelowo is that he does stuff like this, and then I think to myself “Man, I should really go burgundy for 2015.” A+++++++


Cate Blanchett

He said: Impeccable and restrained, a perfect jet-black dress set off by the neon-blue necklace. It feels like it’s missing something, though. Maybe a matching blue purse? Maybe matching blue hair? B

She said: Always leave them wanting more. Brava Blanchett, brava. A+


Rosamund Pike

She said: It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for all awards season! In red Givenchy, Pike is finally giving us British rose–and plenty of leg too. A

He said: I dunno, this looks like a bouquet that my girlfriend would thank me for, and then I’d say “So, are you going to put the flowers in the living room?” and she’s say “No, I think they fit in better in the garage.” B


Scarlett Johansson

He said: She’s basically doing a punk-rock riff on Keira Knightley’s Atonement dress, with an aggressive fringe of neck-grass that creates the overall effect of a grassy knoll in midwinter Scotland. Disappointingly more Lucy than Under the Skin, but I’m a fan of Weird Scarjo. B-

She said: It looks like a giant reptilian monster has strangled Scarlett and has managed to envelop her entirely in some skin-clinging green muck. No, just no. B-


Marion Cotillard

She said: Business in the front and party in the back (with its black, gathered below-the-knee band) means that this French import is giving us an entirely different take on the multiple uses for fishing net. Somewhere, Jennifer Lawrence is taking notes on how to do Little Mermaid‘s Ariel, 2015-style. B

He said: Make sure to grab the scissors before you throw this out, Marion, you don’t want any fish getting caught. C+[pagebreak]

Emma Stone

He said: Emma Stone has red hair again! Emma Stone has red hair again! Oh, and she’s wearing moss? There’s a very elemental vibe to this costume, like she killed a creature in a Guillermo Del Toro movie and then turned that monster’s fur into drapes. C+

She said: She’s known for her effortlessly cool style, and in this long-sleeved, fringed Elie Saab gown, Emma easily scores one of the night’s biggest fashion feats. Also, those tap dance-style shoes are a total nod to her recent song-and-dance days on Cabaret and are awesome. A


Naomi Watts

He said: I enjoy pianos too, Naomi. But I don’t wear pianos. F

She said: Bandeau bras are usually reserved for lazy Saturday and spin class, but this elevated take utilizing a loungewear staple is seriously cool. A


Lady Gaga:

He said: There was a time when Gaga was pushing the envelope on pure weirdness every time she hit the carpet. I like how she’s going a bit subtler nowadays. She looks like the queen of a small country who left a royal wedding to do the dishes. B+

She said: GaGa knows that kooky couture can wear thin after awhile, but this three-piece Azzedine Alaïa sets a new standard for red carpet chic. My one gripe? Did she borrow those gloves from the nurse on Blink 182’s “Enema of the State” album? Hmm … B


Jennifer Lopez

She said: I’m actually stunned–this is the furthest thing from the over-the-top sexy looks J.Lo has loved as of late. That being said, she’s seriously serving in this frothy, flesh-colored custom Elie Saab. A

He said: I miss the cray cray, but I can’t deny that this dress is classy enough to make me forget that Jennifer Lopez just starred in MILF Hunter: The Movie. A-

Reese Witherspoon

She said: If the Oscars were prom, Reese would win queen: her off-the-shoulder, white and black Tom Ford just screams regal. A+

He said: Have to disagree with you on this one, Nina. Classy but boring, like any episode of Downton Abbey that focuses on Mr. Bates. B


Zoe Saldana

She said: Looks like someone brought some new accessories to the red carpet this year: some seriously sex curves, courtesy of Saldana’s three-month-old twins. Yeow! Otherwise, I’m not a huge fan of this dress–I love the shape, but the color doesn’t play up the starlet’s new momma glow. A

He said: Looks like the best dress at a prom I wasn’t invited to. B-

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