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And then there was that time, back in 2015, that the host of the Oscars got nearly naked on stage…

Neil Patrick Harris shocked ABC’s viewers and his fellow celebrities packing the Dolby Theater by taking the 87th Academy Awards stage nearly naked Sunday night, wearing just a pair of tight white underwear, black socks, and shoes.

In a spoof of Best Picture nominee Birdman, the host went full Walter White after the telecast returned from a commercial break to a sketch where Harris feigned being locked out of his dressing room during a costume change. The camera followed Harris as he shed his robe and walked seemingly mortified through a hall before appearing on stage in front of the stunned audience. “Acting is a noble profession,” he then declared.

As in the film, the stunt played a bit like taking that nightmare about appearing in front of all your peers in your underwear and making it come true. One thing is for sure: Amid what’s expected to be a relatively pedestrian awards showcase, at least one Oscar moment was unforgettable.

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