Kanye West
Credit: BBC Radio One

In the first moments of 2015, Kanye West released “Only One,” a stirring and spare tribute to his daughter from the perspective of his deceased mother, Donda West. “Only One” drew a lot of attention upon its release; as West’s first new track since releasing the aggressive and experimental Yeezus, it stood in stark contrast to his last album—and it had Paul McCartney.

But West isn’t done with “Only One.” In a recent interview, the artist revealed that he’s been working on taking the song in another direction entirely: He’s working on a video-game adaptation.

West mentioned the game towards the end of an hour-long interview with The Breakfast Club on New York radio station Power 105.1 after the conversation turned to his emotional single.

“The idea is that it’s my mother going through the gates of Heaven,” West said, “and you’ve got to bring her to the highest gate of Heaven by holding her to the light.”

According to West, the game has been in development for six months, although he didn’t say when it would be released. If it’s anything as moving and personal as “Only One,” though, it could be something special.