By Joshua Rivera
Updated February 20, 2015 at 10:58 PM EST

Twitch is a website on the World Wide Web where anyone with a camera and some internet can broadcast what they’re doing live to the entire world. While this simple and effective platform can potentially encompass a large portion of the human experience, it has become exceptionally popular with one particular demographic of internet denizen: gamers. People who play games on Twitch are wildly popular on the service, drawing a large portion of what the company estimates are its 100 million community members.

With that many people involved, Twitch has decided it’s going to throw itself a Con.

Dubbed TwitchCon, the first annual “celebration of all things Twitch” will take place in San Francisco, California on September 25-26. According to Twitch, the Con will be a place for members of the Twitch community to mingle with each other and their favorite broadcasters, “experience live content from the convention center,” and “learn from the community’s thought leaders.”

“Twitch broadcasters have the most passionate fans, so we want to create an amazing experience where they can come together in person,” said Twitch CEO Emmett Shear in a press release. “TwitchCon will be an opportunity for the entire community—broadcasters, game developers, viewers, and us—to play and learn together.”

Throwing a con is a tricky business—as DashCon proved last year—but fortunately, Twitch is bringing on con expert ReedPOP to co-produce the event. More details will be divulged in the coming months. They will probably be livestreamed.