With lyrics like “I should have seen it coming/It should have sent me running,” Ingrid Michaelson’s “Time Machine” is a definite breakup anthem. The new video for the single opens with the songstress sitting at a piano ready to sing her exes away.

That is, until Rainn Wilson steals the spotlight.

Wilson is among the nine familiar faces that make an appearance in the “Time Machine” video, each interrupting Michaelson’s performance of the song so they can belt it out instead. The likes of Wilson, Donald Faison, Jorge Garcia, David Koechner, Matt Jones, Rob Delaney, Steve Agee, Brian Baumgartner, and Garrett Dillahunt make for a hilarious hodgepodge of strange situations.

It’s hard to decide what’s funnier: each guy’s over-the-top gestures, or the stank face Michaelson gives the camera every time they show up.