By C. Molly Smith
Updated February 18, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
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The Mindy Project’s Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) has made a mark for herself as an OB-GYN, as a fellow at Stanford, and, thanks to costume designer Salvador Perez, as a style mogul.

“I love whenever I can build something for her,” he said, speaking at Tuesday’s Costume Designers Guild Awards. He pointed to Mindy’s green dress that she wore to the office Christmas party earlier in the season as an example of one of his favorites from her closet.

There’s certainly a lot to love—bright colors, fun patterns, tons of texture—but one has to wonder how her style will be affected by her pregnancy, which was announced a couple episodes back. The question of the hour: What will Mindy’s maternity style look like?

“It’s very funny,” Perez started. “Mindy and I usually see eye to eye on everything, and her vision of maternity and mine are very different. I think in real life, if Mindy Kaling were ever pregnant, she would not buy maternity clothes. Mindy loves a knit dress. We all love a good, knit dress. I think her maternity is going to be a sea of knit dresses.”

On another token, Perez is also the costume designer on Pitch Perfect 2, which hits theaters on May 15. The Barden Bellas will take a very different approach to style than Mindy.

“The first Pitch Perfect was about those girls in those stupid flight suits,” Perez joked. “This is a whole different movie. Now, they’re rockstars. Every performance has a new custom-made outfit. It’s all designed and built. As a costume designer doing a contemporary show, I don’t get to build the way I got to on Pitch Perfect. I got to make everything. Swarovski gave me crystals, and there’s sparkle. I’m so proud of this movie. I can’t wait for everybody to see it. It’s not Pitch Perfect 2. It’s Pitch Perfect 2.0.”

Pitch Perfect 2

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