Here are a few things that are big in pop music right now: strip club electro funk, alt-R&B, pop stars with punk streaks, and porting the bass-heavy sounds of big-room EDM over to more radio-friendly song structures. Here’s what Ty Dolla $ign’s new single “Drop That Kitty” is made from: all of those things on that first list.

Seemingly not content to have thoroughly dominated hip-hop and R&B radio for several months straight with his DJ Mustard-produced 2013 breakout single “Paranoid” (or with the lack of credit he’s receiving for having a hand in “FourFiveSeconds”), Dolla has pulled together a diverse team for his new single “Drop That Kitty” that includes Charli XCX, Tinashe, pop-friendly EDM producer Cashmere Cat (who worked on the new Kanye West track), and superstar production duo Stargate, who make Top 10 hits about as often as most people make lunch. It’s pretty much the entire pop music zeitgeist crammed together into one track, including shout-outs to a part of the female anatomy that pop’s been historically squeamish about, but is on course to define 2015 the way that the butt did last summer.