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When we return to San Antonio Memorial for season 2 of The Night Shift, things will be different.

In this exclusive first look, we see where the hospital crew picks up after season 1’s intense ending.

T.C. Callahan (Eoin Macken) is still suspended, Topher Zia (Ken Leung) is recovering from his near-fatal gunshot wound, and Jordan Alexander (Jill Flint) is seeing for the first time what T.C. must have dealt with being in the military for so long.

This season we will also meet the new character, Joey Chavez. Chavez is a doctor who doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him, as he skateboards around the hospital and does yoga in the break room.

The cast says we can also expect to “indulge” in a lot more romance this year.

Season 2 of The Night Shift premieres Feb. 23.

The Night Shift
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