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When we first met Hayley on The Vampire Diaries, she was the werewolf who helped Tyler break his sire bond to Klaus. Two seasons later on The Originals, she’s a mother, a hybrid, and a royal wolf within the Crescent line. And tonight, she’s going to become even more than that when she ties the knot with Jackson—and merges her power with his, thereby allowing all the wolves who follow him to turn at will, without the help of a full moon.

But knowing what we know about New Orleans—and Klaus’ temper—it’s hard to believe that the ceremony will go exactly as planned. So EW talked with executive producer Michael Narducci about what we can expect from the wedding, what this all means for baby Hope, Finn’s fate, and more:

There will be romance… and tragedy. With an episode titled “I Love You, Goodbye,” and an Original hybrid hell-bent on killing the groom, Narducci promises an emotional hour with a final frame you won’t forget.

“A lot of the times we choose titles that have some reference to New Orleans, and this was a Thomas Dolby song. We just loved the title,” Narducci said. “There’s some different meanings after you watch the episode, but I guarantee you there’s also more than one way to look at it. What you might want to ask is who could potentially be speaking those words and who in this episode is saying goodbye and to whom are people saying goodbye. I think that as you can imagine, there’s a few twists and turns in here and it might be that there’s some tragedy in addition to all this romance and beauty. So without giving away spoilers, I think you’ll understand as soon as you see the last frame.”

Hayley and Jackson have finished the rituals, but there’s still time for presents (and vows). Narducci did say that Hayley and Jackson have completed all the necessary marriage riturals, but that “there are still a few more quiet, beautiful moments that need to take place.” He then elaborated: “There’s some pretty spectacular special moments, including a gift that is given prior to the ceremony, and some vows that are made to one another above and beyond the vows that are made at our equivalent of the alter. So there’s just some fantastic scenes, and I have to say I think Phoebe Tonkin did such an incredible job in this episode. She has incredibly emotional scenes with every person on our cast list, and in addition to that, a very well-behaved and great-performing baby.”

Speaking of Hope, this hour will determine her future. “You’ll definitely see Hope in this episode, and you will definitely know what not only her fate is for these 41 minutes, but also going forward you’re going to know exactly where that child is going to be,” Narducci said. “There’s a nice little surprise to the plan for where Hope should remain going forward. Even though Klaus and Hayley may have different perspectives on what’s the best for Hope, by the end of this episode, mother and father are going to agree on exactly where Hope should be and how she should be protected best.”

And yes, Dahlia will come after Hope this season. “I don’t think anyone doubted that this child would be extremely special,” Narducci said. “We all knew as the granddaughter of Esther, as the child of a hybrid and as the child of Hayley, who is born of a royal line of werewolves, this kid would be something that we have never seen before, something very, very special. And because of her unique nature and her potential power, she is going to be extremely sought after by both good and evil forces. One of them has the name Dahlia, and I think we can expect to see her in the season coming to collect on the debt that she is owed. So we are going to play with what Hope is, what Hope can do, how her parents feel about that, and also, what kind of danger not only will she be faced with, but will the family be faced with in their desire to protect her.”

Freya is slowly re-introducing herself to the family… but will she say hi to her father? “Even though [Freya] has an incredible amount of power, she is capable of very intelligent strategies like pretending to just be another inmate in the Fauline cottage, so that she can access whether or not Rebekah is someone that she can trust,” Narducci said. “She did something similar with Finn—she went to her brother, she reintroduced herself, they had this reunion, she clearly has affection for him, and yet she’s also curious about what else he knows. And when she learned about that child, she allowed Finn the ability to find that child as if she wanted to sit back and watch in much the same way that she sat back and watched in the Fauline cottage.

“And now that that conflict between Finn and Elijah has been resolved, I think she’s going to wonder if there’s a new strategy to be formed. And what we owe and what the audience will want to see is what happens when Freya comes face-to-face not just with Rebekah and Finn, but with her other brothers. And in addition to that, I think there’s another big question on the horizon, which is: Freya was given away by Esther, and Esther told Mikael that Freya was lost to the plague. Well, Mikael is still out there. He’s still dessicated in a tomb; he was disconnected from Finn, but he’s out there. Will Freya have any motivation to be reunited with the father she was taken away from? And what would that begin to look like if Mikael, the Destroyer, were to find his long lost daughter, the one he thought was lost to plague? I think there’s some potentially very emotional stuff to be played there.”

Finn’s fate will be revealed tonight. After last week’s explosive ending, we will find out if Finn is in a new body—which was Kol’s plan—or if he didn’t survive at all. Or, as Narducci teased, “Are we going to see him pull himself out of the wreckage?”

The Originals airs tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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